Satin Silk Gown With Digital Print


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This beautiful satin silk gown features digital print work. On the inside of the gown is Micro Cotton. Sizes up to 42 XL free size are available for the dress which are fully stitched. The dress is between 52 and 53 inches long, with a flare of three metres. The bottom of the gown is composed of satin silk and features digital print work and it us fully stiched. Digital print work is present on the 800 grams of satin silk fabric used for the dupatta. The price is 1200. A woman’s beauty is enhanced by this stunning floor-length gown, which she can wear for any occasion, whether formal or celebratory. She can be in any position without feeling uncomfortable because the fabric is so light. It is easy to use and clean.

Gown Length: 52-53 Inches

Gown Flair: 3 Meter

Bottom Fabric: Satin Silk With Digital Print Work  (Full Stiched)

Dupatta Fabric: Satin Silk Digital Print Work

Weight: 800gm






Blue, Black


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